Atomic Samurai and 101 beautiful photos

General introduction Samurai Atomic Hero, or Kamikaze, is the 4th professional hero of the hero association. He is a member of the swordsmen council.   

The appearance and personality of the Atomic Samurai 

The Samurai atom has long black hair tied in a ponytail, a pair of black eyes, and a defined jaw. He has a small goat and is often seen chewing on a blade of grass.  His outfit consists of a hooded red cape with the atomic emblem on his back hanging over his open black haori. Underneath is a traditional tight-fitting white robe tied with a white scarf and two haori. The Atomic Samurai wears a sword on his left side, he possesses a funny personality but also seems to be quite sensitive about being called middle-aged.  Samurai often only forgave those who called his disciples weak, but sometimes proved very annoyed.  Although he is arrogant, he behaves modestly towards people he respects. It was shown in the way he treated Silver Bang_ A fellow hero that the Samurai always respected.  Arguably, his confidence has proven to be his biggest failure on a few occasions, or it may have been a few matches.  He liked to test his powers by testing the abilities of those stronger than him. As a result, he chose King, who was known as “Earth’s Strongest Man”.  The Samurai was able to judge others by asking them to cut an apple with his sword, a method he used to recruit his three disciples. His manners, however, showed that he often judged others based on their reputation rather than their actions.  For the Samurai, pride was his greatest defect in several battles. 

101 beautiful pictures of old Atomic Samurai old man 

After a list of introduction to SAmurai, below are the most unique pictures about him, please download it! 

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