What makes Metal Knight or Dr. Bofoi so sought-after?

About Metal Knight Bofoi or Metal Knight is the 6th rank hero of the hero association, who provides a variety of services as well as weapons sponsorship and infrastructure construction.

Bofoi’s Appearance

Very little is known about the actual appearance of the micro doctor, however, only to be seen in Webcomic.  He must have silver hair and a large nose, often wearing a jacket over his blue shirt. He works mainly through the use of robots controlled from a safe distance. There are two types of robots commonly used by Bofoi: a large robot capable of flying at high-speed thanks to firepower and a robot of a human-size used for scouting. Bofoi is a hero who is very fond of high-tech forms, as shown when he sends his robot to the battlefield to collect useful remnants after battles. In contrast to the child emperor, he has very little mercy toward others if it is not in his favor. Even when City Z was about to be attacked, he was only interested in the missile’s power he had made.  Bofoi and all things related to him still have many mysteries, and have always embraced pragmatism. in taking advantage of others’ disadvantages, he will find something that is beneficial to him. As a hero in the S-class, Bofoi is very strong thanks to his intelligence and weapons. Bofoi uses a variety of robots, such as combat robots, scout robots, construction robots and recycling robots.  It can be said that Bofoi’s greatest weapon is the Robot, and he focuses a lot of effort and time to focus on his weapon. 

Beautiful pictures of Bofoi 

Bofoi has an arsenal of weapons and an army of powerful robots, his four-legged robot serves to rebuild the Hero Association after the loss of the battle with Boros, built on the image of the robot AT-AT from a very popular movie: Star Wars (Star Wars)

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