13 Hottest images of Brook

“Soul King” Brook is a “skeleton moving”, he is the musician of the Straw Hat crew found by his teammates aboard a ghost ship after drifting into the Florian triangle for 50 years. Introduce about Brook.  Brook uses the Devil Fruit, who ate the Yomi Yomi No mi, and is a zombie. He has a dream to sail around the world and reunite with his old friend Laboon.  Brook is the ninth member of the Straw Hat crew and the oldest there. Soul King _ Brook   Before he died, He was a tall, tanned and thin man.Brokk had a rather special face, He had a light chin on his chin and some minor burns on his hip.  Brook has a habit of often not revealing his eyes, and has a cross omega scar imprinted on his skull. He owns a dress style that is similar to that of many artists  Before Timeskip, he was an extremely tall skeleton with luxurious clothes complete with hats and sticks on his head. He is 266 cm tall, is the second tallest member of the crew. Although he has no skin, he still has hair, it is explained that: because his hair has a very strong roots. Brook’s style is a gentleman, consisting of a different shirt, a cap, and an afro while his undercoat is orange-yellow, a blue caravat, and a sheath of the sword. Brook’s cane is purple.   After the timeskip, he owns more colorful and upscale outfits, as if to represent the image of an artist or a rock star. He has heart sunglasses, a yellow backpack, a hat on top with a giant crown on the brim, and orange-red pants with floral designs. Despite being a skeleton, he has grown by 277 centimeters.  Brook is a fun zombie with everyone and loves to sing.  Collection of 13 hottest pictures of the Soul King Brook  In the Wano Country Arc, Kin’emon used his ability to change Brook’s appearance, allowing him to blend in with the country. Brook is now wearing a pure white Kimono, with a triangular headband and two arrows stuck in his body. 
Let’s download the 13 hottest pictures of the zombie king Brook!

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