Carla, the companion cat Wendy and mischievous pictures

Introducing Carla  Carla is a small, white female cat with pink ears and brown eyes, smaller than Happy’s. She also has two whiskers on her cheeks. Carla usually carries a pink bow near the end of the tail. Carla’s shirt is saffron yellow and pink with a bow. Comes with the top is a pink dress.   

Some other basics about Carla 

Unlike the carefree Happy, Carla is very serious and serious, rarely expressing her emotions. She cares about Wendy as a mother. When first appeared, Carla proved very distant from others. The cat always tries to help Wendy get rid of her shy, shy personality; and often scolded Wendy for that when she herself was not very sociable. When she learned of the mission of an Exceed like herself, Carla was shocked and saddened. That mission is revealed in a prophecy regarding Extalia’s demise. She saw this thanks to the divination she inherited from her mother. Carla’s hometown is Edolas, Kingdom of Extalia and she belongs to the Exceed race. While still in her egg, her divination powers activated. She mistakenly thought that she had a mission to go to Earth and kill a Dragon Slayer. In fact, the conversation she heard was used to deceive the Edolas people, to conceal the Queen’s plan to protect the Exceed because she knew that Extalia would perish. Happy first met Carla, but she didn’t like him. Later, when they learn of the “truth” of the mission, Happy defends her, saying that they are Fairy Tail’s Mages, not puppets. Carla begins to accept him after seeing his determination to rescue his friends, along with the cat’s serious side and courage. Happy saved Carla while they escaped when she almost fell out of the car. Carla also saved him from the Edolas Royal Army soldiers.

Loads of mischievous images of Carla

Carla inherited the ability to predict what would happen and when it would happen from her mother. She is the only Exceed (excluding her mother) to possess this ability.

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