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Character introduction  Chiaotzu is an earthling, with some characteristics that are different from others. For example, he has an unclear nose, red cheeks and a rather modest height.   

Other characteristics

Chiaotzu has a jagged hair on his head, only seen after he takes off his hat. His outfit throughout the majority of the series includes the entire Crane School uniform. However, in the second half, he took off the cloak for a white tank top, Then like Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu wore a Hanfu (Han Chinese style) blue robe with white robe and pants, and Although he wears a Mongolian-style hat in the comics, he still keeps the cartoon school Crane hat. He also doesn’t look old.  Chiaotzu’s design is based on Chinese vampires. Similarities are shown in both his looks and when Chiaotzu does some of his attacks. Chiaotzu is described as having fair skin, red cheeks, and dressed in Qing Dynasty clothing. These ghosts are unable to walk (just jump) and they always keep their arms outstretched in front of them.  These qualities are all referenced in Chiaotzu to some extent: when first encountered, Chiaotzu flies more often than walking and his attacks are performed by stretching his arms. Chiaotzu’s outfit was similar to that of the Qing Dynasty. Another possibility is that Chiaotzu was inspired by Nezha, a novel that was used as a prototype for his own work when he began creating the Dragon Ball comics.  Nezha is often depicted as a baby with a completely white body, like Chiaotzu. Nezha is a rival to Sun Wukong (who inspired Goku) and one of his allies is Erlang Shen, a depicted god with three eyes. This makes Chiaotzu and Tien a suitable pair, similar in appearance to Nezha and Erlang.

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Chiaotzu appears briefly on the planet plant with Tien when the Earth is about to explode due to the effect of the deadly black dragon ball usage.

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