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About Darui Darui is a shinobi of the cloud village and right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, he was once a student of the Third Raikage, who during his training learned his teacher’s unique Black Lightning technique. Darui also acts as the Raikage’s support. 

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His personality is also evident in his lazy and lethargic talk, often referring to “stupid” things or events – a pun on Darui’s. However, while in a relaxed manner, Darui was not lazy, jumping into the Raikage’s defense as the other Kage’s bodyguards reacted to the Raikage destroying the table he was sitting on. Darui is an individual who often apologizes and apologizes, and will even apologize for the actions of others – a trait he has said that he did not notice him the word is spoken as much as the word “dull”.  He also has a strong loyalty to the Fourth Raikage which he often calls “boss”, instead of adding the suffix “sama” to his title like the others. In turn, Fourth considers Darui his “second right hand”, and because of this, Darui will quickly protect Fourth physically speaking. Because of this trust, Darui was also assigned the responsibility of the First Division.  Darui is also quite knowledgeable. When Naruto was late to the five Kage meeting, he quickly defended Naruto by saying that life as a Kage is like a father and a husband as a busy man. Even so, Darui seems to maintain a relaxed attitude while sitting in a casual and relaxed style during the Kage meeting. Darui is proficient in wind, which naturally changes water and lightning. He can effectively capture enemies in a wall of water and fire lightning through it to shock them. He can also release lightning to strengthen his weapon, give it enough power to cut through a metal blade, or can use Storm Launcher, allowing him to fire the rays of light he can freely navigate like a missile. 

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With Darui’s design, Kishimoto noted that he wanted to immediately convey a sense of slowness. His collar was flung for a sense of style, and the two tattoos on his shoulders present challenges to his opponents, as well as to denote that he possesses a kekkei genius.

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