Drive Knight and 300 of the best photos in 2020

About Drive Knight Drive Knight or Iron Knight is a professional hero of class S, rank 9 of the Hero Association.   He is 182 cm tall, is a superhero with iron armor, has long black hair and wears a white mask. This type of mask looks very strange, it has a single horizontal slit for the eyes and a single bright red eye in the middle of the slit.  Under the mask, the side of his chin has 3 small lengths, looks like the mouth of the iron knight. The armor was a very simple suit, it looked like the armor of medieval knights. 

Drive Knight’s personality, strength, and relationships 

 Drive Knight is a calm and suspicious person towards Bofoi. It was found that he was an extremely versatile fighter as well as flexible in his combat tactics.  He focused on gathering information, and Drive Knight’s victory was probably never overly underestimating his opponents even if they were so much weaker than him. At the same time, he does not allow any enemies to survive if he sees his true abilities, in addition, he is also quite cruel and dry.  Already a hero in S class, he is definitely a very strong character. he has been grafted to a reputation that cries out “Never Drive Knight has lost a single battle.” That was enough for the hero association to become anxious about losing contact with him before fighting him. monster association. Drive Knight possesses an extraordinary form of health, an immense physique, and an extremely fast speed limit, and he has rapid movements even without transforming into a centaur form.  He fights by Transforming his Body into a Horse or a Sword, he also has the ability to determine the level of disaster  With a transformation box, you can change shape quickly. He is known for his two basic characters, Genos and Bofoi. However, Drive Knight once warned Genos about Bofoi, and he doesn’t seem to believe this “old man” very much either!

Download 300 images of Drive Knight 

Whether you are a biological robot or a mechanical robot, but please download the beautiful images of Drive Knight. 

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