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Introduction. Erza Scarlet is one of the main characters of Fairy Tail, she is an S-class mage known as one of the strongest mages and a member of Team Natsu.

Some of the basic features of Erza Scarlet

One of the main characters in Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet is an S-class mage, known as one of the strongest female mages in Fairy Tail and a member of Team Natsu.  This strong and brave girl was renowned for her proficient use of Requip magic and her mastery of swordsmanship. Erza is a young girl with crimson hair and brown eyes. As a child, Erza lost her right eye and was given an artificial eye by Porlyusica. Her figure is slim and charming.  Erza’s usual outfit is a special Heart Kreuz armor, blue dress, black boots, and silver diamond earrings. The green Fairy Tail Assembly logo is located on the left arm.  Her special Requip spell allows her to equip not only armor but also other types of clothing, allowing her to change clothes at any time. Erza is a very strict person and often criticizes the guild members’ bad habits and behaviors. She is also very impatient, not liking others to slowly answer her questions. However, as a member of Fairy Tail, she is a man of righteousness and pride. Erza considers herself a crying girl because she was unable to protect the people she loves. Like when Rob shielded her and when Jellal was arrested for saving her, he was brainwashed by Zeref after all. She has also stated that she feels uncomfortable and uneasy about not wearing armor. However, when confronted with Ikaruga, she overcame her fear and triumphed without wearing armor. Erza was born in the village of Rosemary, then attacked by an army of beliefs that worshiped Zeref. Erza tries to save Kagura, but is captured in the end. 

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She became a slave to these people and was forced to build the Tower of Heaven – a project to revive the Shadow Mage Zeref. She was captured with many other slaves, mostly children. Her surname “Scarlet” was given to Jellal, because of her bright red hair color (Scarlet means “red”).

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