101 Interesting images of the stuntman Franky

Franky is the Straw Hat’s shipbuilder. He comes from Water 7, who is the leader of the Franky Family – a group of ship dismantlers, formerly a villain, later joining the crew to fulfill his dream. His name was originally Cutty Flam and was at Iceburg’s request to hide his identity. 

An introduction to Franky 

Franky appears in the Manga chapter 329 and in the anime episode 233. He is a Pirate, a ship builder, a dismantler and a boss in the underworld. Franky is also nicknamed “Robot”, 34 years old, owns a wanted 94,000,000 ฿ Franky is very tough, eccentric, and liberal. He often does not obey the rules, whatever he likes to do, regardless of the time. His ultimate goal, however, is not to build a powerful ship or to protect the people he cares for. Franky sometimes appears very eccentric because of his strange style and forte of creating very weird things.  Although Franky is the one who plays stupid games, he always seriously thinks about matters quite thoughtfully.  A selfless person who quickly protects people and acts promptly when his friend is harmed. Franky believes that no matter what a person is, they will not be discriminated against, discriminated against or rejected just because of their identity, so he makes friends and protects those who are often oppressed and oppressed. unfair treatment  In addition, Franky was also very stubborn, when Iceburg told him to leave Water 7, Franky refused immediately, although staying behind could reveal the location of the Pluton blueprints.  He has a habit of adding the phrase “this week” in his exclamation sentence, such as “Sure I am fine, this week I am extremely fine” or “I’ve always been like this all week”. Franky is always unknowingly related to “perverse” things by his dress, strange personality and the situation he gets involved in. If you call him a pervert, he’ll take it as a compliment. In addition, Franky often uses “hentai” to replace nearly negative words. The poor fashion aesthetic probably stems from his creativity in favor of craft and mechanics, which explains the fashion style that has always been swimming pants, gold chains around his neck and a shirt over it. hides the body on his pedestal. Besides, Franky is very emotional when hearing other people talk about sad or touching stories, he will go out of his head without restraint. He admits that he is a sensitive person and believes it is a matter of pride to let everyone see his tearful face, but he will stop himself from crying out loudly by hiding his tears. face away and call everyone around him “idiot” for seeing him weak. When his emotions peak, he will pull out his guitar from where it came from and ask everyone to listen to the song he wrote based on the story that touched him. Another thing worth mentioning is, Franky feels that having money and not using it is terrible. So when he found out that he still had a million berries left over from the money they stole from Usopp, he took everyone a meal. This trait seems to affect the rest of the Franky Family members, as evidenced by their inability to keep a penny in their pockets for long. Before that, Franky used to call people by nicknames, but after two years of separation, he called the other members by their first names and stopped using them.

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