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General introduction Genos is a 19-year-old robot and a disciple of Saitama. He belongs to the level 2 character of One Punch man and is always aiming for a person who becomes stronger & fights for justice.  He is named “The Destroyer Robot” and is a hero of the 14th class S-class.

Some details about Genos 

He is a pretty handsome hero, with a completely mechanical body. His face and ears look like a normal person but are made of artificial leather. His hair is blond, and always pointed, his hair color depicted as hair and brown in the anime.  Genos’s outfit looks very casual with a sleeveless cape, which allows his arms to switch without any trouble.  Genos has been shown to have a wide variety of arm sets with a variety of abilities and powers.  Genos is a serious person. As a disciple of Saitama, he is constantly striving to become stronger. Genos was very respectful and most protective of his master.  Genos possesses modified physical abilities with tremendous strength and great reflex speed, and even good stamina.  Genos’s entire body has been replaced by brute force.  He is very proud of his abilities, being an S-rank hero must be a powerful warrior, declaring to Saitama that he has defeated countless organizations and entities. before they met, even though Genos was much weaker than Saitama. Genos can continue to fight with only one arm left or able to stay on his feet after a few hits from Kabuto, or when he runs out of core energy, he is still very alert.   Download beautiful images of Genos Genos has his own fighting style, using the weapons and mechanisms available in his Cyborg body to launch powerful attacks or to distract his opponent. He is also an extremely skilled fighter in close quarters, able to fight against the Deep sea King for a considerable amount of time with just one arm. Genos has moves like Burn, self-destruct, shooters, and other proficiency abilities. In addition, he can use his eye to create a kind of blinding light, which was first used against the Deep Sea King. 

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