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Introduction  Son Gohan is a fictional character in Dragon Ball. Created by Akira Toriyama. As the eldest son of Goku and Chi Chi, Son Goten’s brother and the first hybrid-Earth Saiyan. He is named after his adoptive grandfather Goku (Great Saint Son Gohan).

Other characteristics 

Gohan is an earthly minded, shy and studious child, and a child without the fighting spirit of the Saiyans. He had to use half of his potential Saiyans and anger to become stronger (when fighting Cell), becoming one of the strongest among the Z warriors.  An educated, Gohan gave up his superhero duties and used his mind to become a scholar. After many incidents, he realized he had to be stronger to protect everyone, so he returned to training with his teacher Piccolo. Gohan was very wet when he was young, but after Goku and Raditz died, Piccolo strictly trained Gohan and after a year, Gohan became a tough boy. When fighting with Cell, Gohan and his father entered God’s time room for 3 years and became a Super Saiyan, when he became a Super Saiyan, Gohan was able to unleash the power of a person with two bloodlines, strong more than a pure-blood Saiyan. Growing up, he asked Bulma to design a suit to accompany the nickname Great Saiyaman. But unfortunately for him is Videl, the daughter of Mr. Santa, the ruffled head Mr. Santa knows his secret and makes him participate in the martial arts congress if he wants to keep it. Besides, Videl asked Gohan to teach his martial arts and the two joined the martial arts festival that year. Heavy rain took a long time, undergoing many difficulties, they became more and more understanding, the feelings between the young couple gradually blossomed into love. After they got married, they gave birth to a baby girl named Pan.

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Gohan gets stronger after training for his fight against the Saiyans with Piccolo: Gohan’s fighting power is as high as 2800 against Nappa and Vegeta. After reaching Namek, Gohan’s energy level increased to 14,000. After the fight against the Ginyu Assassins Squad, Gohan’s fighting power was 200,000, enough to knock Frieza down.

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