Gray Fullbuster and 30 most beautiful images

Introduce about Fullbuster. Fullbuster Fullbuster A member of the Fairy Tail mage guild, an 18-year-old young man, a talented mage who possesses skillful ice magic. Fullbuster has become all too familiar to our fans with his weird habit of stripping at times of need, and magical fights and intense verbal fights with Natsu.

Other Fullbuster Features

Fullbuster was born in a village in the North, which was completely destroyed by the demon Deliora. Fullbuster’s parents also passed away in that destruction. He was found in the rubble by Lyon and Ur. Ur is an extremely powerful ice mage and has the ability to become one of the Ten Holy Mages. Later, she took Fullbuster as her second disciple, after Lyon. Fullbuster had learned a lot of ice magic with his unconscious habit of stripping from Ur. Fullbuster does not have a fixed outfit and he is more naked. He also often wears a white coat when on duty. A permanent British costume feature is a sword-shaped necklace with a stone, a metal bracelet and a chain strapped to the right waist. Fullbuster is a handsome guy with a mess of dark blue hair and dark blue eyes, with a strong and sturdy body and a club logo tattooed on the right chest of England. In the arc at Galuna Island, after an S-rank quest, Fullbuster has a scar on his left forehead and is covered with hair. He also has a cross-shaped scar on the back of his abdomen after using the Seven Slice Dance: Blood Version on his quest on Tenrou Island. Normally, Fullbuster has a relaxed personality, but becomes serious when needed. As a child, Fullbuster was somewhat stubborn and reckless. As time passed, he became more mature and careful when dealing with situations in life.  He is also very considerate of his teammates and completely loyal to the guild, although sometimes he also behaves rude and rude. Like how ice and fire oppose each other, Fullbuster and Natsu are fighting like that. Although these two boys often fight and fight, they really care about each other.

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Like other slayer techniques, Gray can consume ice from outside to increase his strength and increase his magic abilities. This type of magic is extremely useful and effective against monsters.

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