Gyumao and the best outstanding images

Introduction Gyumao is known as Ox Demon King, the father of Chi Chi and the father-in-law of Son Goku

Other characteristics of the character 

Gyumao is quite large, and has a lot of facial hair. With the fastest appearance change compared to the characters in the series. When he first appeared, he looked even more intimidating, his hand always threatening with an ax. It was not until the end of Dragon Ball that Gyumao began to wear casual clothes and change to another pair of glasses. His face was more hairy, the excess hair in the back was stretched a little.  Gyumao usually appears with a pair of blue jeans and a dark tanktop with a tie.  Despite having a name that arouses fear for many people, Gyumao is actually harmless and in contrast to his scary, =. He is cheerful and loves everyone, he cares deeply for his daughter and keeps her out of trouble. Gyumao is seen as a good grandfather! while constantly visiting and buying gifts for the children. Despite looking very polite and unconcerned about the girls, however we let us see a perverted face like Master Roshi when watching Maron bathe. In addition, he also smokes a lot of cigarettes. Gyumao was a martial artist trained under Master Roshi, after which he married a wife aged Ox, became the ruler of the volcano and gave birth to a daughter Chi Chi. when Chi Chi’s mother died, the wedding dress was kept by Gyumao until Chi Chi married Son Goku. Gyumao is a person who uses strength rather than technique. As for the Kamehameha technique, he is not good enough to master it.  After the volcanic fire burned his treasure, Gyumao became poor and unable to support Chi Chi and his grandchildren. This made Chi Chi quickly want to find a new job.

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Gyumao initially wanted to name Goku and Chi Chi’s first child from a long list of names all with “Ox” in them: “Ox-King Jr.”, “Ox-Monkey”, ” Ox In The Box ”,“ Big-Ox ”,“ Oxford ”,“ Ox-Man ”or“ Johnny-Ox-Seed ”. Gohan followed all these suggestions with a cry. Chi-Chi then yells at Goku for wanting to go fishing without coming up with at least one name. While yelling at Goku, Chi-Chi says the name of Goku’s adoptive grandfather is Gohan. Gohan laughed every time he heard that name, and Gyumao noticed this and interrupted Chi-Chi’s shouting to make Gohan laugh at his parents. Goku and Chi chi both accept the idea of ​​his name.

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