Happy green cat and unique images

Happy is an Exceed, an animal from Edolas. Happy is a member of Team Natsu and also a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. This blue cat is also a protagonist of the story.

Some other basics about Happy.

Happy is a small blue cat with a white belly. He has a square head, with pink ears, large eyes with thin, short eyebrows and two light blue dots on his cheeks located near his mustache. Happy also has a rounded rectangular body. As an Exceed, Happy has a special body structure that allows him to walk on two legs different from normal cats. Even without fingers, he can still hold anything. Happy has a long, curved, blue tail with a white tip. In addition, he can also use his tail to wrap and cling to objects. Happy usually carries a small green bag on the back where food and items can be used for combat. he also has a blue Fairy Tail Seal on his back covered in a pocket. Using magic, Happy grows two wide angel-like wings, allowing him to fly and carry others. Happy rarely wears clothes that are usually topless, only worn only a few times during Fantasia, when disguised in Edolas and when his father gives clothes. Despite his small stature and a different appearance, Happy is very loyal to his teammates as well as the rest of the guild members, he has a deep knowledge of the magical world and sometimes knows more than anything. Natsu and Lucy. Having been with Natsu ever since then, Happy often mimics Natsu’s actions and attitudes. Happy is rather quick-witted and insolent, especially towards Lucy, very fond of provocating her. Sometimes Happy also has a rather dark mind, often commenting on the destructive properties of his teammates as well as haphazardly deducing.

Download unique images of Happy.

Happy is an extremely flexible and adorable green cat. In a poll Happy came fourth with a total of 4238 votes. Merchandise based on Happy’s name has been released, including a battery memory and a coffee shop.

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