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General characteristics of the character. 

Barakamon   is a calligrapher transferred to the Goto Islands and his story with the villagers on the island.  Handa Seishuu is a young calligraphy talent, from an early age his father is also a calligraphy artist who has placed a lot of expectations on him. In one major exhibition, Handa caused a scuffle for getting rid of his work. Soon after, he was sent to the remote, remote island of Goto. Here, for the first time in his life, a real urban man experiences strange things in the countryside. Surprise after surprise came to Handa. Not only experiencing a life so different from his previous life, but Handa also seems to have found her soul in her own calligraphy art. The people and the scenery in the countryside are lacking and unspoiled gradually making Handa change, he is like being transfused. Simple things, simple things holding the young man’s footsteps, made him unable to leave.

Download beautiful images of Kobato

At the end of the story in the anime, it is revealed that Kobato’s hat is used to conceal the angel’s necklace (in the form of a queen’s crown), proving the fact that she is dead, lying. above her head, but it was on the threshold between life and death. When she finally filled the vase, she was reincarnated but had no memory of her past until she reunited with Fujimoto a few years later.

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