Krillin’s images should not be overlooked

Character introduction  Krillin is one of the special characters in the manga series Seven Dragon Balls. He is a friend of SOn Goku and belongs to Quy Lao Tien Sinh’s group of disciples. Krillin is classified as one of the strongest humans on earth.   

General characteristics 

Krillin was from Shaolin Temple for eight years and was scorned by the brothers there. But with his will, he left Shaolin Tu to find the fairy Quy Lao to learn martial arts. and was recruited by him.  Krillin is Son Goku’s best friend and best friend. During the period of cultivation with his teacher. Goku is always one level taller than Krillin. He is a gentle young man and a good friend. Participated in the martial arts congress four times and reached the semi-finals. Although not a hero with great strength, but Krillin possesses the ability to create beautiful moves and has extremely high damage. While his friend Goku has become strong, destroying a lot of bosses, Krillin is left alone as an Android 18 husband. Goku and Piccolo no matter how hard he trains to be strong.  Krillin is portrayed as a normal character, full of all the bad habits in human life. He is not as perfect as SOn Goku’s depiction. From a young age, he was very Intelligent, wise and always sought to please everyone including his master. Hence, it was as easy as turning his hand on a girl assassin! Android girl has long been interested in normal human life. When Krillin expressed her wish to turn her into a human, she was immediately cut down and enthusiastically thinking about the future of the two of them. Not long after that, Krillin raised his hair, disgraced and married Android 18, the most famous beauty in Dragon Ball, with eternal beauty and youthfulness at the age of 18, never getting old. They have children, and they name them Marron.  After the great war with the Black Wolf, humanity fell into a series of new enemies from the galaxies. Krillin and his wife gave up a peaceful life to fight to protect humanity. 

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The daughter Krillin_Marron was born between the two stories about Cell and Majin Buu. However, she does not show anything special so readers still do not know clearly about her power. But in reality, Marron was born from two of the world’s top strongest people. Although Krillin is inferior to Songoku and Piccolo, he is still ranked as the strongest hero, and Android 18, a well-known gangster beauty master! 

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