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General introduction. In the anime, after becoming a ninja, a young Kurotsuchi watched Deidara flee from Iwagakure, shortly after bombing the surrounding buildings. At that time, Deidara became a part of Akatsuki.

Details of Kurotsuchi.

Kurotsuchi is generally calm and approachable. She has shown strong loyalty to her village, preferring to kill the Jinchriki of the eight beasts and the Nine-Tails rather than protecting them. She always thought this was the best plan for herself to become stronger.  This showed that she cared for her teammates, as she was willing to fight to get revenge on Akatsuchi after he got injured despite their constant quarrels.  Like her grandfather, Ōnoki, she is daring, often ironic that since he has back pain, he should be replaced by a younger one. It was implied that she had a low opinion of the messenger ninja, as she referred to Naruto as a “henchman” while following his beliefs he was one. She also has an immature side to her, which she hides, as seen when she reprimanded Akatsuchi for his childish excitement about flying as they were heading towards Genbu, although though she was very excited about the prospect. Kurotsuchi had maximum confidence in his skills, as seen when fighting and capturing Kabuto. This trait makes her somewhat arrogant about her abilities, which she seems to have inherited from her grandfather. Kurotsuchi has short black hair, and pronounced pink eyes accented by her lashes that run up at the corners. She wears the standard Iwa-nin outfit consisting of a red uniform with missing right sleeve and a cape over her right leg, a brown Iwagakure flak jacket, mesh pants and a skirt on them. She also wears regular shinobi sandals and a pair of gloves. Years later, she abandoned her forehead protector, and wore a red dress that was kept right front from the waist down, revealing her right leg. It has only one sleeve on the left side. She also began to have shorter hair on the sides as well as red nail polish.

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Kurotsuchi is a highly capable kunoichi, chosen to protect the Third Tsuchikage during the Kage Summit and fortify Genbu. From her participation in the Fourth Shinobi World War, a legend arose that she did not flinch when faced with hundreds of thousands of Zetsu. Her skills earned her enough recognition to become the fourth Tsuchikage

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