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Character introduction  Launch is one of the characters of Dragon Ball, having one extremely interesting trait. Every time she sneezes, her personality changes, from a gentle girl to a gangster, making Songoku’s group extremely miserable. However, Launch is still a very cute and charming girl. The pictures below are the “gentle black hair Launch version” of MegaHouse, in the Dragon Ball product line of the company.

Other Characteristics. 

In the comics, her outfit changes frequently, but almost all includes a red ribbon in her hair.  Early debut’s appearances included a light green Baring tank top belly, yellow shorts with a red belt, brown finger gloves and red shoes with signia Nike wore along with socks green. In the 7 Dragon Ball, Launch’s main appearance changed in the Saga Common Blue to a pink tank top and a black pair of pants with white knee pads. In the comics, During the 22nd World Tournament Martial Arts, she wore a black shirt with green pants. In the manga, In Saga King Piccolo, she wears a purple sleeveless shirt with gray pants, a brown belt, and a brown sash.In the 7 Dragon Balls, during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, she wears a red dress with pink shoes. Her bust is 82cm, her bust is 57cm, and her hips are 83cm. In the Dragon Ball, Launch is happy to do his work for Master Roshi, never realizing he is constantly trying to grab, poke, rub, or catch a glimpse of her. breasts, buttocks, panties, or bras. However, many of his schemes are failing, if not by their own mistakes.

Download interesting images of Launch. 

In the comics, this version of Launch has blue hair and big blue eyes. Launch’s innocent personality is pure of heart as she is quite capable of riding a Flying Nimbus with Goku in the anime.

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