The most beautiful and outstanding images of Lucy Heartfilia

An introduction to Lucy Heartfilia.  Lucy Heartfilia comes from a noble and wealthy family, but this does not stop the little girl from looking for new journeys with her teammates and Fairy Tail guild. Although her appearance seems weak, her courage is not small.

Some basic features of Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, usually partly tied up with ribbons of different colors. However, in X791, she often tied up her hair. Lucy owns a plump and attractive body. In X792, her hair was somewhat longer and was tied to one side. Pink logo is on her right hand. Lucy does not usually wear fixed clothes, her clothes are changed often. However, she always wears a belt holding the Spirit keys, along with a whip with a heart-shaped tail. She also often wears leather high heels. Lucy has a very similar appearance to her mother. Lucy treats her Spirits very well, and never uses them as her shield. She fights with the Spirits and views them as friends, which is very different from other Spirit Mages, who only treat Spirits as tools and objects. Lucy cared deeply for her Spirits and did many things for the happiness of her school, even almost giving her life. Although she is the master of the Spirits, she denies such an identity and only wants to be their friend. Although in many cases, Lucy looks shy and easily frightened, she can completely fight and stand up to danger for her friends and guild. Although her powers are not as spectacular as her other teammates, Lucy can fight on her own, using her intelligence as her advantage. And due to playing with Natsu, she was also “infected” with the guy’s resilience and disobedience.

Download the most beautiful images of Lucy Heartfilia. 

As a magician with high intelligence and skillful behavior in battle, Lucy also has good stamina despite her soft appearance.

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