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Character introduction  Big Boo is one of the two other entities of Majin Boo. Majin Boo is a villain in an anime series. divided into 2 different shapes and personalities called Fat Boo and Skinny Boo.  

Characteristics of Fat Boo.

Fat Boo or Good Boo is another form of Majin Boo after being banished from his own body. Later, this Boo was divided into male Boo and female Boo. Although shaped like pure Majin Boo, but different from pure Majin Boo in that there is no instinct to destroy as before.  Male Majin Boo: As a result of the good division of Majin Boo, it is male. Female Majin Boo: As a result of dividing the good Majin Boo, it is female. The good Majin Boo is an entity of good purity, and is very kind, considerate, and playful. When he is absorbed by the bad Boo, his playful and childish traits manifest in super-level Boo and Kid Boo respectively.  In his second battle against Trunks and Goten are preparing their super ghost platoons for battle. Piccolo saw that Goten Boo was reborn from the last super ghost attacks. Super was also lying on his stomach, drinking a can of soda (although it looked like a carton of milk) and reading magazines, much to Goten’s anger and confusion.  Also, as Goku and Vegeta are preparing for battle, Kid Boo is sleeping (like Buu just needs a little time to rest), to Goku’s surprise. More importantly, thanks to his connection with Mr. Satan, he made a decision to stop him from killing the former Super Boo and then Kid Buu. 

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Boo Fat is a gentle and cute character like his “round” shape. Boo Fat is an innocent, pure character, so he was used by bad guys.

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