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Mitsuki is a synthetic human created by Orochimaru in a laboratory. After moving from the village of sound to study, he became a sinobi and was a member of team Kunohamaru and Uchiha Sarada and Uzumaki Boruto. 

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Mitsuki Being an artificial human, being combined with the “best in earth” genes collected by Orochimaru himself, Mitsuki has certainly become an extremely powerful and remarkable ninja. He was noted by Orochimaru to be genetically perfect and to be more powerful than Sannin himself. This is likely due to a synthetic human clone created by Orochimaru Mitsuki’s signature technique is the technique of stretching his body, like rubber, he can stretch or twist his hands to use as a weapon and restraint. He was able to break through barriers using an unknown technique, simply by touching them. Even though he hadn’t seen using it, he was carrying one sword at a time, hinting at the skills in kenjutsu. Mitsuki possesses the ability to wield the Sage Transform, which he has demonstrated to be easily activated. He possesses a cyan chakra shell that forms elegant snakes around his body to aid in his attack range allowing him to grab and bite his opponent, and he grows a horn from forehead. His speed increased greatly, as shown when he was able to snatch the scroll and keys from Orochimaru before he realized that Mitsuki had moved. Mitsuki is also able to attain the Sage State, considered a dangerous power when used with the Sage Transformation. His advanced genjutsu consists of a protruding horn, serpent-like halo around the puffiness of his eyes, golden eyes shining like a light, and a snake-shaped blue energy emanating from his body.

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It can be said that in the style of young people, Mitsuki is a very special character, especially her talents, Mitsuki is capturing a corner of the audience’s heart. Download now the beautiful pictures for free of this sinobi brother.

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