Nara Shikamaru and top hottest photos

General introduction. Shikamaru is a prominent character in the manga and anime, in Team 10 is a pupil of Sarutobi Asuma. Shikamaru stands out with great intelligence, an IQ of 200, which means he can think of up to 200 solutions to a problem in a short time.   

Some other details about Shikamaru.

Shikamru has a lazy and leisurely personality, few people will notice him. Like in the Chuunin exam, against Temari, he proved his unique strength and lazy rank.  With his mind, Shikamaru is currently the Master of the “idiot” Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. Even in the new movie, Naruto fans are allowed to continue the “dance” worthy of Shikamaru’s calculating genius. As the Hokage’s Master, he not only sat quietly with papers and books like everyone else, but used his intelligence to capture and pacify the Five Great Powers. Certainly, as long as Naruto Uzumaki is alive, as the Hokage, and Shikamaru is the Master, not a single nation or lords dares to incite war in the Five Great Powers. Shikamaru is the only child of Nara Shikaku and Yoshino. When he was a child, he was playing ninja with his peers when Akimichi wanted to play with him. The other children protested, calling Chōji too stupid. After being unable to persuade the party to let Chōji play, Shikamaru left to see the clouds in his favorite spot and happened to find Chōji sitting there.  After that, Chōji invited Shikamaru to eat together and they became close friends ever since. After attending Konoha’s Ninja Academy, the two would always sit together in class and hang out after school. Shikamaru is not interested in studying. He often falls asleep in class and ignores tests so he only gets bad marks. Shikamaru has brown eyes and is always bored or annoyed. His shoulder-length, black hair was tied into a jagged ponytail. In Part I, he usually wears a mesh armor underneath a gray, green-trimmed short-sleeved jacket with the minimalistic Nara emblem on his back. He wears brown shorts, silver round earrings that are typical of his clan and a forehead protector on his left arm.

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Shikamaru was one of the few people who soon realized Naruto’s great contributions to Konoha despite his hardships and became sympathetic to his former classmate. His new goal is to help Naruto become Hokage and stand shoulder to shoulder with you as his personal advisor.

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