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Character introduction  Oolong appears in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is a pig to change shape, and Songoku Bulman who met while searching for seven members jade dragon. After their first adventure, he began living at Capsule Corporation in West City. He played a big role in the inception of Dragon Ball, but by the end of Dragon Ball Z, he only appeared occasionally in Maters Rophi’s company.

Other characteristics of the character 

His birthday is a complete mystery. Oolong was born in Octagon Village, a village filled with perverted pigs talking like me. The year of his birth is also an unknown and a mystery.  He was kicked out of kindergarten for kidnapping a teacher. He then attended the Shapeshift Academy, where he always bullied Puar for lunch money, but ended up being deported for stealing the teacher’s underwear (article in the English Version). He was able to obtain a large, beautiful mansion next to Aru Village by ripping off a lot of strangers including women. Like the great Master Roshi, he also loves to smoke brown cigars and is also a pervert, but significantly less since he loves girls’ clothes. His hobby is women’s underwear collection.  Oolong is also a cynic and a coward, and he doesn’t hesitate to admit it; in fact, he is completely proud of his terrifying traits. Ironically, Oolong is three years younger than Son Goku, as Bulma points this out with the phrase “child who acts like a middle-aged spoiler” in the Japanese version of episode 6.  A joke in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Is Oolong constantly being stunned by Bulma in world martial arts tournaments due to her anxiety in battle (at one point he tried himself protect yourself with a metal helmet). He is also there to provide some comedic comic relief and is often very ironic with rude remarks.

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Oolong’s normal form is a humanoid pig, about three feet tall with pale skin. His eyebrows are very thick and he has dark eyes. Initially, he wore the uniform of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) during the Korean War, although he later tended to wear trousers, button his shirt or vest, and hang it. The fact that Oolong is a pig wearing a Chinese Communist military uniform implies Akira Toriyama’s message behind this character.

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