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Character introduction  Pan is the granddaughter of the Earth hero, Goku and world champion, Mr. Satan. Her legacy is mostly earthling, being the offspring of the hybrid saiyan of Earthling Gohan and Videl, thus making her a quarter of the Saiyan.

General characteristics

In Super, as a child, Pan was very playful and easily amused, laughing and laughing when Piccolo was facing her, whenever Gohan (in his great Saiyaman costume) and Mr. Satan were playing. play against one- another or chase her around.  Even as a newborn, she loves to fight, this is seen as she playfully kicks Future, pulls his hair and tries to steal his sword. Gohan admits that he believes that the reason behind Pan’s rude behavior is that he is soft with her and cannot discipline her, so she has been spoiled by his family since birth. Although she is more dedicated to martial arts and possesses immense potential, in GT she is shown to be less interested in growing stronger or improving her strength through additional training, wearing though this may be due to growing up in a time of peace around the highly experienced and incredibly powerful warriors like Goku and Vegeta, whose powers she often rely on when Earth is threatened by men. Strong wickedly like Baby-Vegeta, Super 17 and more powerful Shadow Dragons like Nuova, Eis, Syn / Omega Shenron.  However, in Xenoverse 2, she shows an interest in getting the super saiyan form, although it is implied that this is part of the frivolous part as she prefers the peon’s lustrous blond hair and arrogantly asked Warrior if they thought she would be beautiful with blond hair.  She has also stated that her goal is as strong as Grandpa Goku, so while she wants to grow up to be a strong fighter like him one day, she’s in no rush to surpass. when he was a child or a teenager.

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Before being born, Pan helped her grandfather, Goku from within Videl when he needed the power of the five righteous Saiyans to come to the Super Saiyan God and fight the Beerus the God of Destroy.

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