Pig God and the dumbest images

About Pig God Pig God, or Pig God, is an S-class hero, ranked 10th in the hero association. True to his name, Pig God has a massive body, he is overweight, has a very thick layer of fat and short brown hair. He always wears a green long-sleeved shirt.

Some typical features of the character of the Pig God. 

He is a gluttonous man. Binge eating, constantly feeling hungry, eating with mouth, and eating nonstop. Thanks to that, but he has a body, no fixed measurements yet! Pig God is very straightforward when speaking, also very conscious of his heroic mission. But he is also very lazy, he can go through a building instead of going around it.  Pig God is also quite concerned with the health of others, he goes out to protect Samurai disciples and then asks another hero to take care of his wounds instead of hunting monsters.  Before that, he swallowed a monster so that it would not harm his teammates, so his digestive system was severely damaged, leading to a critical condition in his body.  We don’t know about the Pig God ‘s power, but as a hero in S class, he is already very strong. He can defeat a demon-level monster on his own quickly and easily. But rather, he swallowed it in his stomach.  Pig God has a superb digestive system, able to digest food almost instantly. However, he seemed to be able to control or control the functioning of his stomach, as he still kept the three Samurai disciples in his stomach safely in his stomach and spat them out unharmed.  Pig God is mainly fighting hand-to-hand. 

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The Pig God cares little for the rude attitude of others and never feels angry at them. In addition, Pig God possesses an extraordinary health, with a much higher endurance in the body due to the mechanism of fat layers. Or he can move quickly despite being injured and his body mass is quite “huge”.

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