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Character introduction  Puar is a transfiguration animal known as Yamcha’s lifelong best friend. Puar is a character that looks like a cat or a rabbit, but is actually not part of that group. The author has also asserted that Puar is male, but only because she is voiced by a female voice, so readers are often mistaken as female.   

Other characteristics 

Puar is very close as well as extremely loyal to Yamcha, often following Yamcha’s mongoose without question or hesitation. Whenever or during any battle, Yamcha is injured or dies, Puar is the first person to be eager to show concern for his friend, thus proving he cares deeply for his friend’s happiness. Dear.  It is known that Puar trusts Yamcha absolutely. Puar’s design is based on the character Binyao from Akira Toriyama’s original description of Dragon Ball. This character is a transformational character like Puar but has Oolong’s personality. Puar’s official design was established in the author’s 3rd draft.  Puar appears alongside Yamcha after Goku chases Oolong into his territory. Puar notices Oolong’s shape-shifting magnetic field and taunts him. While Yamcha fights against Goku, he crosses roads with Bulma causing him to freeze, fall off a cliff and lose a tooth.  Puar transforms into a mirror to show Yamcha the damage done to his despair. At night, Yamcha and Puar listen to Pansy’s story and their plans to go to Kame House. Going there first, Yamcha tells Roshi that they will come to steal his shell but run away after the lie is told.  Yamcha and Puar arrived at King Gurume Castle, where they passed the others once more. Puar is then seen cheering for Yamcha after he found his love in Bulma.

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Puar is not a fighter, depending more on transformation. But, Puar defeated Fangs the Vampire by transforming into a hand to caress him. Fangs have previously defeated Krillin, but this is due to Krillin’s speed and weakening by sucking his blood, not Fang’s true strength.

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