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General introduction to Saitama. Saitama is the main protagonist in One-Punch Man and the strongest person to exist in the series, he faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he now has the overwhelming strength to deal with injustice. Any war. 

Some basic features of Saitama 

Few people know that, at first, Saitama only made a hero for fun, but then registered as a professional hero for the hero association and protected his house in Z-city from monsters, characters. villains and other threats.  Saitama is currently ranked 7th in the B-class. A bald, normal-looking man with a skinny but well-built build, relatively perfect height and weight. He used to have a full head with short black hair but lost it due to the intensity of the hero training regime.  Saitama is often drawn in a simpler style than other characters, similar to the style of webcomic. with elliptical heads and simple facial features.  When drawn in a different style, he is seen to have a sharper facial expression, his eyes become frightening and his muscles roll.  The hero’s outfit consists of a yellow piece with a short zipper at the collar and black back tahwts with a round buckle in the middle. He wears a pair of red forearm gloves and knee-length red boots. His outfit is completed with a white robe fixed to the shoulders by circular buttons. Saitama regularly saves innocent people from monsters that appear in his world. But, he never received any recognition from the people, Even though he eventually joined the Hero’s association and increased his rank 39 level A.  After defeating many enemies without using too much strength, he always felt empty and bored, constantly looking for an opponent worthy of him.  However, Saitama’s reputation and reputation have always been reduced, he has no regard for public opinion or the damage of his property, who is more ethical than most heroes in the Hero Association.

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Saitama once disguised himself as a policeman to defeat a devastating monster because people lost faith in the police (side story), showing that he did not put his reputation on the line. head. 

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