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About Sakura. As a child, Sakura is quite sensitive and very shy, most obvious when she uses a headband to hide her “airport forehead” to avoid the joke of her friends. Until she meets Ino, her strong personality helps Sakura build up and develop confidence in herself.

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In the first part of the anime, Sakura is impressed with her personality change rather than “turning the cake”, from her respectful attitude towards older people, kindness towards her friends, confidence to shyness around Sasuke. and competition with Ino. However, Sakura is quite self-contained in her thoughts, not being dishonest, but the way she acts is often contrary to her inner thoughts: in many situations Sakura also feels jealous, angry or guilty. Rather than expressing her thoughts and feelings in front of others, Sakura tends to keep it to herself. With the second personality, Sakura’s true nature, born as Uchi Naru Sakura, the second girl often appears with a catchphrase.  During season 1, exposed to many difficulties in living in the outside world, her second personality gradually fails to support her mentally. During her time at the academy, Sakura always possessed admirable grades, which helped her get rid of her physical tests and spend time investing in looks with the desire to attract Sasuke’s attention.  However, when interacting with Sakura, her two personalities become heterogeneous, if one of the two angers her or makes her sad, then it will be immediately responded by force.  These things gradually make Sakura the weak point of the team during training to become a Shinobi, long hair that she wants to take care of becomes an advantage for her opponent, knowledge or not even. can help the team complete missions or protect themselves and their teammates. In some dangerous situations, coo has to rely on Sasuke. Three years later, Sakura resolved to raise her abilities on par with Sasuke. She did that, but the second Sakura appeared only once in the second part of the film. Her desire to catch up to Sasuke soon and protect her teammates, the girl under the responsibility of a Shinobi, often leaves her acting thoughtless and unfortunately puts her team in danger.

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Although there have been more positive changes, Similar to before, Sakura still explodes easily and shows a violent personality towards those who are rude to her. 

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