Sarutobi Konohamaru and beautiful images should see

Konohamaru’s introduction Konohamaru is a shinobi belonging to the Sarutobi tribe of Konoha, hoping to one day become Hokage like his idol Uzumaki Naruto.

Details on Konohamaru. 

Konohamaru first appeared trying to defeat Mr. Hiruzen but failed. As the Third Hokage’s nephew, Konohamaru also has certain perks: he often doesn’t get punished despite making mistakes and often teases those who don’t dare to deal with him. Konohamaru first appeared When Naruto did not hold back and beat Konohamaru, he was immediately impressed and declared Naruto both his rival and role model, frequently calling Naruto “boss”. Like Naruto, Konohamaru is a noisy, stubborn boy who enjoys spending time creating perverted Jutsu, even imitating Naruto’s kabuki-style photography while going for ninja registration. He also learned a lot from Naruto, for example, realizing that becoming Hokage requires a long struggle and there is no shortcut to success. This made Konohamaru more focused on studying at the Academy and made Mr. Ebisu a lot easier. With the goal of reaching Naruto’s level, Konohamaru mastered countless jōnin-level as a genin and trained his spirit not to run away from a match, even when facing strong opponents. In the anime, Konohamaru later stopped wanting to compete for the Hokage position with Naruto, but decided to become the Hokage after Naruto ended his term. Years later, Konohamaru was thrilled to think he could train Boruto the way Naruto instructed him. He is very happy to be called “brother” by Boruto and wants to see him reach out. He also became close with Hyūga Hanabi because both of them were very fond of Boruto. While most of Konohamaru’s praise for Naruto was well-deserved, some of it was due to his own stupidity: for example, when he first met him, Konoharu slipped and claimed Naruto did something to himself, not because he was clumsy; Naruto constantly discovered Konohamaru’s Disguise, although it wasn’t really Naruto that was so good, but because Konohamaru’s disguise was so bad. Naruto also somewhat encourages such compliments, never refusing to be praised, nor twisted whenever Konohamaru mistook him for a girl killer.

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Konohamaru’s genin grant was also praised by Temari for being able to harden her and defeat Pain’s Hell. He has reached the jōnin level, and is highly regarded by Aburame Shino and Kashin Koji for his abilities.

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