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Introduction to the character  Son Goten is a handsome and cheerful boy. He is the second son of Goku and Chi Chi’s mother.  

Character characteristics 

Son Goten is a fictional character or something in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Son Goten is the last son of the main character in the series, and was created to replace his own father. However, Goku’s fans did not accept his son’s replacement. Standing in the midst of fan pressure, the author had to bring Goku back. Goten has a very close friend named Trunks, the two of whom played and grew up together. Originally created to replace his father, Son Goten is very similar to Son Goku since childhood. He was eager to learn martial arts and quickly cultivated Xayda in just 3 months. From a young age, he was close to Trunks, Vegeta’s son, and always practiced martial arts together. When they were growing up, Son Goten and his friend Trunks together successfully practiced the Immortal One and the two combined into Gotenks and trained by Piccolo and reached super Saiyan level 3. Although Goten was very much like his father as a child, the more he later looked like Son Gohan. However, in Dragon Ball Z, the two brothers’ hairstyle looks like Vegeta.

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Goten loves playing tag. Many people wonder why Goten has no tail. The reason for having no tail is because he is a hybrid, carrying a recessive gene between the Saiyans and the earth.

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