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About Temari.  Temari or Temari Nara is a former sand village female ninja, after marrying Shikamaru, she became a member of the Nara clan and moved to LAK village to live.

Temari’s personality

Temari is an unwise, stoic and straightforward girl. This is a trait she later passed on to her son. In Season 1, just like Gaara, she was quite rough and a bit cruel. When she saw Gaara about to kill Team Shigure, she just smiled and waved goodbye to them.  However, Temari is also a person who appreciates peace, demanding that the reason why the Sand Village waged war with Konoha instead of just blindly following the orders given. Because of that personality, she repeatedly put herself in danger during the Five Great Kage and Fourth Great War meetings to save her comrades regardless of which village they are Ninja.  Temari is very scared of Gaara, and whenever Gaara and Kankuro fight, she often acts cheerful and reconciled to prevent Gaara from harming herself or Kakuro. However, after that, when Naruto was cleared and regretted by Naruto for his actions, the relationship of the two cousins ​​improved significantly. She was no longer afraid of her brother, but was among the first to accept his new self.  Temari loves and cares for her two younger brothers. When Gaara was kidnapped, she went back to the village to save him, or when Kankuro was poisoned, she stayed with her until he recovered. Someone said that when being hit with the poison of Infinite Moon poison, Temari dreamed of her two brothers and wished that Kankuro and Gaara could trust and rely on them.  In terms of affection, Temari is known to have a crush on Shikamaru. They were formerly rivals, but when the two villages reconciled after the Chuin competition, they supported each other on many occasions. And also thanks to Shikamaru that Temari also revealed the thin software of her person.  When Naruto returned, seeing the two of them together, he asked if they were on a date, and they both argued, however after Shikamaru escorted her to the village, Temari advised him to be serious. show up on quests and soon become a Jonin just like her.  This emotional theme continued as she was assigned to the 4th Division of the Ninja Alliance with Shikamaru. She always advised him to stay awake and show leadership. Because he is only behind Gaara and will most likely replace Gaara in some cases. 

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Temari and Shikamaru have been dating and married. She gave birth to a handsome son and named it Shikadai. She seems to be a rather stern and annoying mother. 

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