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General introduction  Tenten is a kunoichi (female ninja) belonging to Team Guy of Konoha. Tenten is most prominent in her ability to throw secret weapons and to master all kinds of ninja props.

Some of the other highlights of Tenten  

Tenten originally dreamed of becoming a skilled Sannin like Tsunade, but then realized she did not have the ability to control chakra to become a medical ninja. Nor did she give up her dream of becoming an outstanding kunoichi, continuing to practice her ability to use weapons and sealing. She can use the necklace to manipulate the path of possessions. However, this skill is completely ineffective if fighting an opponent using wind, typically in the match against Temari. She admired Neji very much, and often practiced with him. Her dream is to be as great as Tsunade, a legendary Sannin, and she always works hard to achieve her dream. She is considered one of the best female ninjas in the village. Tenten strongly believes that, whatever male ninjas can do, female ninjas can do just as well. In the next generation Boruto, Tenten is a Tokubetsu-nin. She is the instructor for the Chuunin exam and opens a weapon shop. Tenten is portrayed as naturally curious and observant, with a personal dream of becoming a legendary kunoichi like Tsunade. This has led her to have a strong stance on women, defending that girls can be as talented as the boys in taijutsu when Neji thinks otherwise. Tenten displays aversion to weakness or over-dependence on others. Though she can be a bit fierce at times, Tenten is kind and caring for others, comforting her friends when they’re going through a tough time.  Surrounding her overly enthusiastic comrades, especially Might Guy and Rock Lee, Tenten often expresses exasperation at their antics and wishes them to act more mature; Her endless dream Tsukuyomi truly describes this. 

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She is more easygoing and doesn’t like having to commute all day or continue training when she’s already tired, for that reason she prefers her days off from quests. However, she cares a lot for her team, helping save Lee during the Chūnin exam when he doesn’t report back at their base camp. She also has great respect for her teammate Nei Hyuga and often helps him with practice.

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