30 unique images of Tony Tony Chopper

Tonytony Chopper is one of the special characters in One Piece who is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, compared to his talent, he has a fairly low wanted level, and is almost at the bottom of the character chart in One Piece. 

 An introduction to Chopper 

Chopper appeared in Chapter 134, episode 81. Located in the Straw Hat Pirates and the Roxy Pirates (temporary). Is a pirate cum “leg” doctor on his gang. Chopper is known by his name: Cotton Candy Lover, it seems to be a rather childish name like his personality.  Chopper is only 90cm tall, possessing a very small wanted level: 100 bery, always in the form of a reindeer. Chopper’s Devil Fruit powers also allow him to change his appearance in different situations.  He usually wears a pink hat with a cross symbol on the front and a dark brown shorts. Chopper is easy to recognize because he always carries a blue backpack with a cross that resembles the symbol on his pink pet hat.

Unique and engaging images of Tonytony Chopper

Chopper has a bunch of innocent and shy images, often acting like a child, so it’s easy to be impressed by things like cannons or latent abilities. Chopper is also classified as “The shy trio” with Nami and Ussop, but he is still very “cute” in the hearts of the audience.  Chopper has always had the feeling of losing trust in humans since he was a child, so he thinks that praise from others won’t make him happy, but when he was praised, Chopper still danced gleefully.  He is a very forgiving person, weak, but with everyone’s encouragement, he becomes stronger and more brave.  Chopper’s dream is to become a good doctor, can cure all kinds of illnesses, with the message of no disease, no cure.

Download Chopper’s Cute Pictures combo.

Chopper has a habit of hiding himself when he’s scared, often hiding behind a wall or a doorway to peek at people. But Chopper was witty when, instead of hiding his body behind the wall, he hid his face, also exposing his body. Chopper is a cute and childlike reindeer, please download your cute pictures. 

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