The best selected photos of Uchiha Sarada

Introduction to Uchiha Sarada Uchiha Sarada is a fictional character created by author Masashi Kishimoto, who first appeared in chapter 700 in 2014. 
Sarada is about 125cm tall and currently she is 147cm tall  In Naruto, Sarada appears, always looking for her wandering father, Sasuke. She lives with her mother in Konoha and grows up without her father’s shadow. 

Uchiha Sarada 

As a child, people describe Sarada as her father: Unfriendly, cold, and often alone, but after graduating, Sarada has made a pretty positive change.  Naruto said: Sarada is scary when she is angry, due to lack of love since childhood, she immediately formed a rather tough and old personality. She is stubborn but quite sociable and friendly with her friends. Her familiar saying is “Shannara”.  Sarada has a very good relationship with Boruto, he is Naturo’s son. Although very controversial, but she cares for him, Sarada silently watches him as he trains Rasengan and is very happy when his father takes him as his disciple. Sarada has a bang, eyes like Sasuke, and red glasses. Sarada usually appears in a pink sleeveless jacket with shorts, shinobi shoes and long purple socks with a toolbox.  Sarada inherits extraordinary abilities from her father and mother. She was ranked 3rd in the class and easily absorbed and passed the Genin exams, as well as what it took to become a Hokage.  Sarada’s hobbies are reading history books and drinking black tea. but in stark contrast to her father when she hates tomatoes

Selected images of Sarada 

Sarada and Boruto have a special relationship, even though they are controversial but they are so close that as long as one of them gets close, the two will blush. Although the two are not currently in love, but this is a relationship that is being “cultivated” by young people!  

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