Uzumaki Himawari and 1000 best beautiful images

General introduction. Himawari is the youngest child of Hinata and Naruto. On the day Naruto was inaugurated the Seventh Hokage, she wanted to bring her panda to the ceremony, but Boruto tried to take it away from her.  During several protracted battles that followed, the toy’s head was ripped apart, Himawari awakened her Byakugan and attacked Boruto in anger, despite his apology. Frightened of another attack, Boruto ran away from Himawari, but she still found her brother when he hid in a closet. 

Some of the basic characteristics of Himawari 

Himawari is a cheerful, considerate, and kind girl. She is shown to admire her family and is thrilled to see her father coming home, She seems to be particularly interested in her brother and conversely, she always wants to play with him whenever possible. Himawari’s kind nature expands towards strangers, such as when Himawari is willing to give up Kurama a toy doll’s desire for a boy after hearing his father has worked so hard to buy him one. toy doll. Himawari is a girl who has a very close bond with her parents, as she calls them by cute names like “Mama” or “Papa”. When HInata was injured in the fight, She was with her mother when she was healed by Sakura, worried and held her hand.  In stark contrast to boruto, Himawari grew up from a young age, always helping her mother with household chores, and taking care of her grandfather.  Himawari was quite well educated, though not yet educated at the academy, but she had a deep understanding of chakra manipulation and its applications to advanced techniques.  However, Himawari is not a person without a temper, she is compared to her grandmother, able to become confrontational and violent when provoked, demonstrating a strong attachment to the items she loves. prefer.  Despite not being trained as a well-trained Kunoichi, she has shown remarkable potential to scare her brother when she’s angry and knocked her father down with a single blow as she was just a toddler.  As a child, Himawari awakened Byakugan to anger at BOruto / In the anime, her grandfather expressed how impressive it was that she awakened this ability at such an age without prior training. .  She possesses a near 360 degree X-ray vision, can see through surfaces of solid objects, and can even clearly feel the chakras path system. Although she had not received any training before, she was able to quickly adjust her power effectively. At the same time, she had no conscious control over the activation of her Byakugan ability, only involuntary activation from emotion. 

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